Baby Gears for Traveling

Top Baby Gears for Traveling Families

Traveling is always fun, especially during your youth. You can just pick a random place and explore a new culture in your chosen destination. You can go backpacking, party all night, meet other travelers, and share stories. Once you have a family some things will change about the way you travel, especially when you have a child. You need to be more conscious about the destinations to pick. More importantly, you need to be aware of what to pack. In this case, keep on reading and learn more about the different baby gears that you should bring, making sure of the comfort of your baby during the duration of your trip.

Baby Carrier

At a young age, babies cannot walk on their own, regardless of how you want them to be able to do so. Therefore, when you are traveling and visiting different attractions, you have to carry them with you or put them in a stroller. To make things easier, it will be better if you will bring a baby carrier. Baby wearing, or bringing your baby in a carrier, is convenient for parents and comfortable for babies. It can also be considered as a form of exercise as you combine the benefits of walking and weight lifting. It is also a more economical and lighter alternative to stroller. Baby carriers can be easily packed in your luggage while strollers will add up to the bulk of your baggage.

High Chair

It would be hard to eat with your baby on your lap all the time. This may ruin your vacation and can be a reason for you to lose appetite. With such, investing in a compact and lightweight high chair will prove to be essential. While there are some places that provide their own high chairs, you cannot expect such to be the case all the time. More often than not, it would be better if you can just bring your own to be sure.


If weight of your baggage is not a problem, bringing a stroller will be essential as well. Unlike baby carriers, you do not have to wear your child, and hence, you do not have to be burdened with the infant’s weight. Strollers can prove to be a good item to have if you expect to be in a destination where you will have a lot of sightseeing. Many strollers are made with compact body that makes them easy to travel with. You should choose one with all-terrain wheels to be sure that it will work smoothly even on rough surfaces.

Pack N Play

When you are traveling, you are not always sure that your baby will have a safe spot to sleep inside a hotel room. In this case, bringing a pack n play will prove to be essential as it will provide you with a portable crib. Aside from having a place to sleep, this will also provide babies with a place to play. In choosing a pack n play to bring for your next travel, take these things into consideration:

  • It should be lightweight so that bringing such will not be a burden
  • It should come with a compact size
  • It should be durable, especially the frames, to ensure its stability
  • It must come with a safe and comfortable mattress

Diaper Tote

This s pretty much a very basic gear to bring, yet most parents forget to bring one. Do not think that your own bag can be sued to keep your baby’s essentials. While you can actually do so, it is recommended that you bring a separate tote just for your baby’s things, especially a diapers.

Car Seat

Most parents will immediately shun the idea of bringing a car seat when they are traveling because of its size and weight. However, especially if you are going to rent a car and drive in your destination, this is an important gear to have as it will provide the baby with a safe and comfortable ride. This becomes even more important if it is just going to be a single parent and the baby when they travel. There is also an innovative product available in the market today, which rolls a car seat and stroller into one. It is just like your usual luggage, except the car seat can be attached on the frame. This is a good item to have as it is portable and multifunctional.

Bottle Warmer

This is one item that is often missed by parents who are traveling. In fact, most nurseries do not even have a baby warmer. Rather than heating milk directly in the microwave before they are given to babies, it is better to have them placed in warm bottles. Bottle warmers are important because they can help in being able to maintain the right temperature. It is a convenient option for parents because it is easy to keep breastmilk and formula milk warm. There are compact models that are available, perfect for traveling.

Hand Pump

If you are breastfeeding, this is another important travel gear to have. If you are riding a car, for instance, breastfeeding a baby can be challenging and is not recommended. If you have a manual pump, it will be a good way to pump milk and have it placed in a bottle to be given to your baby. You can also use it while you are in the hotel to keep milk in bottles and use such once you are out and exploring your destination.

Pillows and Blankets

When traveling with babies, it is also important to bring their own pillows and blankets. The good thing is that they are small in size, and hence, won’t take up too much space on your baggage. While hotels have their own pillows and blankets, they are too big for babies. They should have their own pillows. Choose the right pillow, which will help promote better blood circulation for a better sleep as well. The pillow must be able to provide support for the head and the neck. In addition, it must be also free from risk of suffocation.

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