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Every parent desires that their child plays in an environment which is safe, comfy and secure. This can be a very difficult thing, especially when you are on the go. That is why every parent needs a pack and play( also known as Playpen). This is basically a playard which is designed to meet the needs of a parent (and child) during travel.

However, choosing the best pack and play for your child can be a very difficult process. And yet making the wrong choice can result in unnecessary stress for both you and your. So, how can you go about it? Well, that’s where we come in. We have put together a collection of reviews to help you easily find the perfect pack and play to suit your child’s needs.

Pack N Play vs Crib – Which Is The Better Option?

A common question which many parents ask nowadays is “should my baby sleep in a pack n play or crib?” A few years ago, the answer to such a question would have obvious. Back then, cribs were the obvious choice for sleeping. Pack n plays were strictly for playing. For parents, this clear distinction made decision making quite easy.

Over the last few years, pack n plays have evolved into multi-purpose products. One of the key evolutions has been in the area of providing a sleeping environment. Many now come with a pack and play mattress which provides a comfy sleeping surface. Some even have specialized options like newborn nappers, bassinets and even inbuilt cribs. Basically, pack n plays can now provide a comfy, safe and cuddly sleeping environment.

Pack N Play vs Crib

For a parent, this presents both an opportunity and a conundrum. Should they opt for the traditional crib or a pack n play? If you are facing such a conundrum, then this guide is for you. We shall examine the strong points of cribs and pack n plays. Generally, comparing cribs to pack n plays can be quite tricky – after all, they are designed for different purposes. However, the easiest way is to compare them basing on what parents typically look for in a sleeping option for their baby:


The primary thing which parents look for is safety. One of the reasons why co-sleeping is discouraged is because it can compromise the safety of the baby. In terms of safety, there is no remarkable difference between a crib and pack and play. Typically, pack n plays which offer sleeping facilities (e.g. bassinets) have those facilities designed according to established safety specifications. The same can be said of cribs.

Ultimately, the relative safety of a pack n play or crib comes down to the overall quality of the product. Therefore, whether you opt for a pack n play or crib, the safety of your baby will come down to what product you buy, and how you use it. So, in terms of safety, pack n plays and cribs draw a tie.


The next aspect which parents look for is comfort. Every parent desires their child to be cuddly and comfy so that they enjoy a blissful sleep. Just as is the case safety, there is no qualitative difference in comfort levels between a crib and pack n play. It depends on the quality of the product. So, in terms of comfort, the two draw a tie.


Parents prefer baby products which can “grow along” with their baby. As such, their perfect sleeping solution is one which can adapt to the changing needs of the baby. In this respect, pack n plays are much better than cribs. Most cribs are designed for babies who have outgrown the bassinet. As such, they are not suitable for newborns and very young babies.

Pack n plays, on the other hand, can perfectly handle babies irrespective of age. There are pack n plays which have newborn nappers specifically built for newborns. Most of them also have bassinets which provide a cuddly environment for babies who’ve outgrown the newborn nappers. Once a baby outgrows the bassinets, a pack and play mattress can be put on the floor of the playard to provide a cuddly sleeping option. Basically, pack n plays are far more adaptable than cribs.

This adaptability is makes pack n plays more convenient for babies. It keeps them in a familiar environment – something which leads them to feel safe, secure and tranquil. The adaptability also makes pack n plays much cheaper than cribs. Parents who opt for cribs may first have to buy a bassinet when the baby is still tender. They then later have to buy a crib. This double purchase makes them spend more than a parent who buys a pack n play.


When thinking about sleeping options, most parents seldom think about portability. However, it is only when the realities of parenting strike that they realize its importance. For instance, if you want to sit on the verandah and have your little darling napping next to you; or desire to travel with your little one, that is when portability becomes a big deal.

In terms of portability, pack n plays are better suited than cribs. Granted, there are a few cribs which are designed for traveling moms. However, even such cribs don’t offer as much ease, convenience and convenience as a pack n play. As a rule, pack n plays are designed to be portable. As such, they are easy to set-up, move about, set-down and transport.

Therefore, when it comes to moving it about the house when fully set-up, or transporting over long journeys, pack n plays are better than cribs. They basically provide a safe sleeping option in a wide variety of situations. Cribs are better suited for use in a fixed location. So, in terms of portability, pack n plays trounce cribs.


Babies don’t just need sleep. They also need to play, be soothed and even have diaper changes. As such, when shopping for baby products, parents often prefer options which offer much more than their traditional roles. Basically, they prefer a product which is flexible enough to meet some of their other needs. In this respect, pack n plays outclass cribs by some distance.

Granted, there a few crib models which come with extra features like diaper storage racks. However, a typical pack n play offers much more than a crib. Among others, pack n plays can have changing tables, bassinets, entertainment consoles, toys, soothing sounds and of course spacious play areas. Basically, they can meet almost every need of the baby.

The Verdict: Crib or Pack and Play?

Pound-for-pound, a pack n play can outclass a crib any day. This is not to suggest that a pack n play is perfect for everyone. If you are strictly looking for a comfy sleeping option with limited mobility and no extra features, then a crib can do for you. Just be sure to spend extra money on a bassinet, changing table and playard once time comes when you need them.

If you are looking for a flexible all-in-one solution, then a pack and play is the ultimate choice. All you have to do is find the perfect pack n play, and all your baby’s needs will be met – simply, elegantly and cost-effectively. There are numerous pack and play reviews which can guide you on how to select the best product for your needs.

Ultimately, if you’ve been asking “should my baby sleep in a pack n play or crib?” The simple answer is: go for a pack n play. It offers everything a crib can offer, and so much more. In a nutshell, it is the smarter option.

How to Pick the Best Pack n Play



Pack and Plays: The Benefits To You And Your Baby

Over the last few years, pack n plays have become an important part of the parenting toolbox. This is because the benefits of pack and plays extend beyond the babies right to their parents. If you are wondering whether or not you need a pack and play, here is how they can benefit both you and your baby.

  • A safe play area: As a parent, you primary concern is to ensure that you child doesn’t get hurt while playing. The most certain way is to vigilantly keep an eye on them. But you can’t do this all the time. This is where a pack and play comes in handy. Pack and plays are typically designed to maximize the safety of the child while they play. They are typically subjected to rigorous tests to ensure their safety. As such, they provide the safest play environment possible. This means that you can leave the baby in the pack n play, and be absolutely sure that nothing will go wrong.
  • Early Learning: Playing is one of the most important avenues through which babies begin to learn about their environment. Most pack n plays come with cute educational toys which can aid this learning. Even if your pack n play doesn’t inbuilt toys, you can still provide your baby with other toys to facilitate learning. Also, leaving the baby to play on their own can teach them important lessons about autonomy and independence. They learn how to feel secure even when they are not in your arms. This can later play a critical role in enabling them to attain confidence and a sense of security.
  • Proximity: A pack n play is the best way of keeping your baby close without having them interfering with your activities (and ultimately upsetting you). When you have to do your house chores, or carry-home from office, you can have your baby close by, in their pack and play. They can be playing happily while you do your work. This way, you can keep an eye on them, without them interfering with your work. As such, you can be there for them when they need you. Generally, having your baby within your sights reduces the likelihood of accidents or injuries because you can quickly intervene before things escalate.
  • Peace of Mind: The greatest source of worry for parents is what their babies are up to while they are out of sight. When you need to take a shower, attend to other children or even answer an important phone call, it becomes impossible to give your baby undivided attention. In such a scenario, the worry of what dangers your little darling is getting into can spike up your stress levels. This is where a pack n play comes to the rescue. Knowing that you little angel is happily playing in the safety of the pack n play can give you the peace of mind and focus to accomplish your other activities.
  • Convenience: Pack n plays tend to provide more than just a play area. Most of them come with extra features such as bassinets, changing tables, storage hampers and some even have entertainment consoles. The presence of such features makes taking care of babies simple, convenient and hustle-free. If, for instance, your pack n play has a bassinet, you don’t have to bother moving the baby to the crib when they fall asleep while playing. If yours has a changing table, you don’t need to go to the nursery for a diaper change. Such little conveniences make your life as a parent much easier.

Pack n Play Features

When shopping for a pack and play, it is important to know what features to look out for. This will make it much easier to find the perfect pack and play for your needs. This article will introduce you to the standard pack and play features which you will find in most products. However, it is important to remember that not every product has all these features. So may have them all. Others may have any combination of features. Knowing the features will make it easier to decide which combination is best for you. So, what are these standard pack and play features anyway? Well, they are the following:

  • Bassinet: A bassinet is one of the most common features you will find in a pack and play. This is because most manufacturers realize that children not only need to play, they also need to sleep. Most pack and play bassinets are detachable i.e. you can either attach them or remove them. Bassinets also tend to have both weight and developmental restrictions. In terms of weight, most bassinets are designed with maximum weights of between 15 and 18 pounds. In terms of development, most bassinets typically come with restrictions such as “a baby who hasn’t begun pushing up on their hands and knees.”
  • Changing Station: A changing station is usually intended to help when there is a need to change the baby’s diapers, clothes, etc. A standard changing station is usually composed of a flat board which can be attached to the side of the pack and play. This board acts as a changing table i.e. you can lay the baby there while you carry out you diaper changes. Changing stations add a level of convenience by ensuring that you don’t have to run to the nursery every time the baby requires a diaper change. Just like bassinets, changing stations also come with weight restrictions. Most of them average 15 pounds, although some stretch up to 30 pounds.
  • Portability: Most pack and plays are intended for use even when a parent is traveling with the baby. As such, they are designed to be easy-to-set up, carry around and transport. All pack and plays come with specially designed bags which are compact, robust and easy-to-carry. Most of them are lightweight when fully packed (typically weighing between 13 and 22 pounds) and are thus easy to carry around. Some even come with special features which make them easy to set up. All these combine to make pack and plays portable.
  • Wheels: Sometimes, it becomes necessary to move a pack and play when it has been fully set up. As such, most of them come with inbuilt wheels to simplify this. In most cases, there is a pair of wheels located on one end of the pack and play. On the opposite end, there is usually a handle which you can use to lift up, and either push or pull the pack n play. A pair of wheels makes it possible to move the pack and play even with the baby inside.
  • Storage Hampers: A storage hamper is usually designed to provide convenient storage for a baby’s basic necessities such as swaddlers, diapers, and pampers. A typical hamper is composed of a simple rack which is attached to the side of the pack and play. Most storage hampers are detachable, although some are permanently fixed. In most cases, the hamper is subdivided into little compartments which can be used for storing different categories of accessories.


  • Entertainment Options: Pack and plays come with inbuilt entertainment features to enable the child to have a great time. In most cases, they have simple toy bars which have cute interactive toys which a child can play with. However, some of them have sophisticated features such as music consoles, mp3 systems and multi-color music lights. Some even have high-tech features like vibrating mattresses. Basically, whatever features you prefer your baby to be entertained with; chances are that you will find it in a pack and play.
  • Canopy: A canopy is a specially designed cloth which arches over the top of the pack and play, partially or totally enclosing it. Most canopies are detachable, and can be either totally or partially removed. A canopy typically plays two important functions. First, it shades out excessive bright light from reaching the baby especially when they are sleeping – thereby keeping them comfortable. Secodly, it can keep out unwanted bugs, and other flying nuisances from disturbing the baby. This comes in handy especially when the pack and play is being used outdoors.

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